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As a former case manager who worked directly with families often from very under-served, under-resourced, and under-educated communities, Wendy Hernandez- Gamillo has witnessed the limitations of state social service programs in providing achievable, holistic solutions to larger systemic issues. The solution isn’t only in removing the root cause of an issue, but in providing the resources, education, and support an individual or family needs in order to break a vicious cycle and plant hope and opportunity. Plant a Seed was inspired by the vision of helping individuals and family sow into their own futures and the long-term future of the community.

We founded Plant a Seed to provide access to opportunities, resources, and solutions for our local Latinx and underserved communities. Our goal is to remove obstacles in the way of El Paso families’ and individuals’ success. Let’s grow together.

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About wendy gamillo

Wendy Hernandez-Gamillo holds a master's degree in international relations from St. Mary's University. Her background as a former social worker working with families in underserved communities fuels her commitment to making a difference. Recognizing the need for comprehensive solutions, she founded Plant a Seed to provide holistic resources, education, and support for lasting change. Wendy currently works at Providers Elite Services, a family-owned medical consulting agency. With three children, she's dedicated to instilling values and principles for success in the next generation.

About MIGUEL Gamillo

Miguel embarked on his entrepreneurial journey as a young child, accompanying his father to work in Mexico at the tender age of 11. By the time he was 22, he had become a partner-owner of Cielo Lounge, a distinguished establishment in downtown San Antonio, TX. Recognized in 2003 as one of the top 100 nightlife venues in the nation by US Weekly Magazine, Miguel's diverse journey also encompasses roles such as the Founder of the Circle of Influence networking organization in San Antonio, TX, and his position as Partner and President at Nationwide Merchant Services banking portfolio. Presently, as the President and Managing Partner of MJ International LLC, his expertise shines in luxury real estate investment properties, international real estate development, capital investments, and strategic business collaborations. With a deep conviction that entrepreneurs channel their passions into purpose, Miguel's colleagues view him as a transformative figure in business development, a virtuoso in his respective industries, and a pioneering thought leader of our era. Co-founder of Plant a Seed, Miguel draws inspiration from his mother, Alejandra Gamillo, whose commitment to serving the community instilled in him the profound significance of aiding those in need. In line with his values, Miguel firmly believes that the essence of life lies in serving others and, for those fortunate enough to possess more than they require, in dedicating themselves to constructing longer tables, not higher walls.

About John Hartsfield

John W.W. Hartsfield is a social philanthropist with vast expertise in nonprofit, business, and community leadership. He co-founded Icon Talks, a national platform celebrating diverse leadership and empowering society with inspiring life stories. John also serves as the Executive Director of Icon to Ican, a charitable nonprofit aimed at empowering young, disabled, and at-risk communities to achieve greatness through various impactful programs.

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