ELEVATE is a transformative program by Plant a Seed that guides and inspires youth in our community to achieve their greatest potential. It has three modules: Ascension, Alignment, and Aspirations, offering support at different stages of their journey.



  • Module 1: Ascension - Inspire and Empower

    The Ascension module is designed for individuals who may lack inspiration, motivation, and resources. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to dream big and overcome obstacles. Through Ascension, we provide the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to ignite their passion, reignite their motivation, and help them envision a brighter future.

  • Module 2: Alignment - Nurturing Growth and Potential

    In the Alignment module, we focus on individuals who are already inspired but may lack the necessary resources and guidance to pursue their aspirations. We understand that having a vision is just the beginning. Through Alignment, we offer tailored support, connecting individuals with the right resources, mentors, and opportunities to align their goals and aspirations with a clear path forward.

  • Module 3: Aspirations - Turning Dreams into Reality

    The Aspirations module is dedicated to individuals who are already inspired and have concrete ideas or projects in mind but may lack the resources or guidance to bring them to fruition. We believe in the power of turning dreams into reality. Through Aspirations, we provide the necessary support, mentorship, and access to networks that can turn their aspirations into tangible achievements.

Mission and Impact

ELEVATE empowers youth to thrive and make a positive impact in their lives and community. It nurtures confidence and resilience, creating a generation of young leaders contributing to a brighter future.

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